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25/∞ photosets of flawless namjoo 

eunjoo moments as requested by apinkjooster 

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favorite moments of apink’s second tom & jerry pair → najoo 

NAJOO FOR LYFE! Can I request your fav NAJOO moments?

for life and beyond :-D Yes, I’ll make one asap! ^-^

wow…… food ♡


these freaking weirdos 

Is Onew still namjoo's ideal type? also is there anyone that has namjoo as their ideal type?

yep, i haven’t heard her mention anything different. Someone once mentioned to me that Nam Taehyun(?) from Winner had mentioned her as his ideal type or something but personally i’ve never heard anyone say anything of the sort which is a shame because she is a jewel 

one ultimate ship for namjoo?? Just one!!