namjoo explaining mr.chu in 3 simple gestures [x]


The staff @ A-PINK.NET all pray that the missing passengers will be found and that everyone that has been saved are alright. We are also praying for the families who are still hoping that their relatives are still alive. 

43-44/100 of my gorgeous fairies of apink 


It has been 3 years since these angels grace their presence on stage. These past 3 years has been filled with struggles, hardships, criticism, and an irreplaceable loss. But past through the hard times, the good times outweighs it more. The seven of you are just another reason why I smile, so I hope the whole pink panda fandom can make the seven of you smile as well. Fans will always stand by you, it's been 3 years, let's be together for more.

Love, a dedicated pink panda since 2011.

pre-debut  mr.chu  ♥ happy 3rd anniversary apink! 

Happy 3rd Anniversary Apink!


apink through the eras
april 19th 2011 to infinity, let’s love each other forever and ever! ♥


throwback → apink practicing before debut three years ago 

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